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Photo and Video Sharing

seek-admin | May 23, 2018

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Introducing a new feature to Seek XR!!

Ever wanted to enhance your videos by filming in augmented reality??

Well, that reality has become an actuality.

Photos and video recording are now available in the app. Users are able to take a picture of the experience or record a video of it - ALL WITHIN THE APP.

Here are the steps to do this.

Simply tap the white circle button to take a photo OR hold down the button to record a video.


After taking the photos or videos a screen will appear for you to preview them. Share them with your friends through text or social media!

This feature will give you the chance to relive and share the fun times you have with each experience!

Send us your photos and videos by tagging @seekxr on social media to possibly get your content featured by us!


Seek XR is an augmented reality community that allows users to share, experience, and create augmented reality content - all in one place.

Users can interact with this content just like a user would watch videos on YouTube. Soon there will be thousands and even millions of AR videos available on our app.

Businesses use our platform and team of developers for marketing their product/service.

We want to enable the publishing of augmented reality content for the masses. We are aiming to make it simple and easy to become a creator of augmented reality. Seek utilities the latest AR technologies (ARKit, ARCore, Unity, SLAM) to give users and the creators access to the highest quality content.

The XR in Seek XR represents Mixed Reality. XR is a term used to describe a reality that has been either replaced or augmented AND interacts with the environment around it. One day experiences in Seek will include AR, VR, and XR.

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Photo and Video Sharing
Introducing a new feature to Seek XR!!
May 23, 2018