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Seek and Overstock Partner to Bring AR to Everyone

seek-editor | July 10, 2019

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Seek is proud to announce a landmark partnership with that expands their augmented reality reach to 100% of mobile users. Since 2017, Overstock has offered augmented reality in their apps and they have seen tremendous lift in sales conversion and a reduction in product returns. Having proven the positive impact of AR technology within the app, when Seek showed up talking about being able to bring the same benefits to the mobile web, Overstock jumped at the opportunity.

Overstock's launch of web-based AR through Seek represents the world's largest rollout of AR anywhere. Many retailers have experimented with AR in their apps, but only to a limited scale. Overstock is now the largest retailer in the world with app-less AR at work for their customers.

There has been significant press pickup from this partnership:

  1. Marketwatch - Launches World's Largest Omni-Channel AR and 3D Customer Experience in E-Commerce, Pioneering Mixed Reality and 3D Models
  2. Forbes - Seek's 'Third Strike' Hits Gold As Web-Based AR Transforms The World Of E-Commerce
  3. PC Magazine -'s New Customer Experience Features Mobile AR and 3D Shopping
  4. Investing News - Launches Augmented Reality Ecommerce Platform
  5. HomeWorld Business - Overstock Debuts Expanded 3D, AR Experience
  6. Silicon Slopes - Partnership Between and Seek Pioneers AR and 3D Models
  7. Furniture Today - partners with Seek to launch web-native 3D and AR
  8. Tech Investor News - launches omnichannel AR, 3D customer experience
  9. App Developer - 3D and AR in e-commerce from launches
  10. Utah Business - Launches Ominchannel Experience
  11. Grit Daily - Provides New Custom Experience with Mobile AR and 3-D Shopping

AR for eCommerce is the future of shopping. It empowers the customer to be able to make better buying decisions when shopping online. This partnership with Overstock is further proof that the masses are ready for AR. Seek is proud to stand next to such a stellar organization and continue to innovate to improve the world through AR.

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